Best Hairspray for Curls & Wavy Hair

There are many myths surrounding our hair and the best way to treat it. Many of us have been buying in to old wives’ tales for as long as we can remember, only to realize, many years later, that these myths have been debunked.

There’s the tale of the 100 brush strokes for healthy, voluminous hair our grandmothers used to tell us. Turns out that this has the opposite effect and could actually damage our hair and promote hair loss.

Then there’s the big fat lie about what happens when our first grey hair conquers our scalp and we remove it – supposedly, that’ll only cause them to grow back double. Also, not true. While hairdressers advise against it for different reasons, the double-trouble legend is simply not true.

The one myth that continues to cause the curly-haired community great anxiety, is the one about hairspray and its effects on textured hair. After years – or even a lifetime – of avoiding the use of hairspray on curly hair, people are now finally starting to listen to the professionals.

According to professional hairdressers and stylists, hairspray can work great for curls – provided we are using a product that doesn’t list water as its first ingredient. In that case, it will leave our curls sticky and prone to breakage.

The right kind of hairspray will actually prove beneficial to our locks: we’ll get through rainy days without style-catastrophes, won’t have to spend our days fighting frizz and will return home in the evenings with our hair still looking as long and voluminous as it did when we left the house earlier in the morning.

Now that we know there is, indeed, a hairspray out there for our curls, why not do our research and put it to the test? The right hairspray might just be the product we’ve been missing from our haircare and styling routine.

Here is a list of all the best hairspray for curls!

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SEXYHAIR Big Spray & Stay Volumizing Hairspray

Big by Sexy Hair Spray & Stay Intense Hold Hairspray 300ml

  • Sexy Hair Spray & Stay Volumizing Intense Hold Hair Spray

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Hailing straight from Los Angeles, the city of style, glamour and celebrities, the SEXYHAIR brand has been used by professionals and for home-use since the late nineties. Their big red hairspray cans are immediately recognizable as is the quality of their products.

The brand’s SEXYHAIR Spray & Stay Volumizing Hairspray is a great choice for fine curls as it fights their worst enemy: humidity. With the use of this spray we can avoid the frizz we’re usually blessed with in humid climates for up to 72 hours, whilst keeping our style perfectly in place.

It adds a beautiful shine to our hair and leaves it feeling incredibly soft, so soft in fact, it’ll become more manageable than ever – brushing will become a breeze!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray

John Frieda Frizz Ease Hairspray, 250 ml

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For a hairspray that will keep our locks looking stylish and healthy through all weathers, we can’t go wrong with the John Frieda Frizz Ease Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray. Commonly used in hair styling salon, we can rest assured this is the product pros turn to.

This hairspray seals in the moisture needed to keep our hair from drying out and frizzing even in extremely humid climates. It gives our style a strong hold without weighing it down or gluing it to our scalp, allowing free movement and a happy bounce to our curls.

Its shine-boosting formula also acts as protection against the sun, making this the ideal product for curlies who like to hit the beach without causing extra damage to their hair. Compared to other professional haircare brands, the John Frieda line is extremely priceworthy too!

Kenra Volume Hair Spray #25

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To add some volume to our hair without adding too much weight to our thin, delicate curls, the Kenra Volume Hair Spray #25 is our best bet. It can make any updo look bigger and loose hair look fuller without crunchiness or stickiness.

People with curly hair are always on the lookout for products that leave minimal residue and build-up, one that can be brushed out easily without breakage. And that’s exactly how so many curlies have landed on this Kenra hairspray – it’ll work wonders on our style without leaving a trace.

This product is extremely flexible in that it works for all types of hair types and styles – from big 80s updos to a beachy wave, the Kenra hairspray will keep our hair in check all day.

Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray

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There’s a reason we feel drawn to the brand that promises “creative styling anarchy”, and we’re happy to know that Bed Head by Tigi offers a hairspray that promises to turn our hair into a masterpiece work of art that will last all day.

Tigi’s Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray has the hold needed to support even the craziest of hairdos, and all that without leaving a hardened crunch. With a scent reminiscent of pineapple and an added shine formula, our hair will feel, look and smell amazing.

This hairspray is the go-to for all those styling enthusiasts who still embrace the wild and wonderful looks of the eighties and nineties – it’ll even keep the longest and spikiest of mohawks standing for hours on end.

Honeybee Gardens Alcohol-Free Herbal Mint Hair Spray

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One of the most important things to be aware of when in search of new hair or beauty products, are their ingredients and their impact on the environment. That’s what makes Honeybee Gardens’ products so popular: they are all made from natural ingredients and are PETA certified.

Honeybee Gardens’ Alcohol-Free Herbal Mint Hair Spray is a fantastic product for anyone wanting to look good and stylish without negatively impacting the planet or our own hair and bodies. Alcohol-free and made from organic botanical ingredients, this spray will give our hair a perfect hold without drying it out.

Made with herbal mint and other nourishing ingredients straight from the herb garden, this spray will leave a lovely shine to our hair. Leaving it soft and silky to the touch, we’ll be running our hands through our hair all day long.

Moroccanoil Luminous Strong Hairspray

MoroccanOil Lumious Hairspray - Medium Hold - 330ml

  • MoroccanOil Lumious Hairspray - 330ml
  • Soft to the touch, reflective to the eye and controlling to the hair.
  • Helps hold any style in place all day long
  • Leaves hair weightless with a beautiful shine
  • Leaves hair managable

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Tired of leaving the house looking our absolute best only to return home in the evening looking like Cruella DeVille on a frizz-fest? Then give Moroccanoil’s Luminous Strong Hairspray a go – with plenty of styling flexibility and maximum hold, we’ll look fantastic every minute of the day.

Made with nourishing argan oil, this hairspray will give our curls a brilliant shine while keeping any frizz at bay. It will give us a firm but moveable hold on any chosen hairdo and provides the slip needed for time-efficient and pain-free braiding.

The Moroccanoil hairspray is an excellent choice for anyone who is sensitive to the harsh, chemical smells of cheaper products – this one smells like a lush spa-day in a bottle.

L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Lock It Bold Hairspray

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Here’s another one from a trusted brand: the L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Lock It Bold Hairspray! No matter how bold or intricate our chosen hairdo, this quick-dry mist will lock it into place for up to 48 hours without residue.

Many of us are constantly trying to catch and smooth back those annoying fly-aways, and are forever fighting frizz – this hairspray will eliminate our daily styling frustrations. It will leave our hair ultra-brushable and our do in place even when it’s raining or incredibly humid outside.

This spray is fantastic for all types of braiding styles and acts as a great finisher that will guarantee maximum hold throughout the day and will even hold strong for a wild night of dancing.

DevaCurl Flexible Hold Hair Spray

The problem with many hair sprays is that they end up being a “either or” product – we’ll either get a perfect hold and a not-so-pleasant scent, or we get a delicious scent and minimal hold. This is not the case with DevaCurl’s Flexible Hold Hair Spray – it works on all counts.

This lavender-scented Flexible Hold Hair Spray keeps our hair conditioned all day long and leaves a wonderful shine to our soft, touchable curls. It helps to define our curls and keeps them in place all day long, regardless of the weather.

This product will take care of any frizz issues we may be experiencing and will last us for a long time – just a few spritzes here and there, and our hair is set for the day.

Nature’s Brands Organic Hair Spray

For a natural approach to hair styling and care, Nature’s Brands’ Organic Hair Spray is a prime choice. Paraben, preservative and cruelty-free, this vegan brand is USDA Certified Organic and only uses carefully selected ingredients. This hairspray will prove to us that style can be achieved organically too!

This copolymer-free natural hair styling product provides great hold considering it is free of chemicals, though if we’re looking to keep our beehive standing tall and proud for a long period of time, we might need a more aggressive hair spray.

Nature Brand’s Organic Hair Spray makes the perfect addition to other hair products approved by the curly-girl method and can help us make the transition to natural hair go smoother. This spray is especially popular among people with fine, thin hair prone to fly-aways and frizz.

Garnier Fructis Style Texture Tease Dry Touch Finishing Spray

Us tutti fruit kind of gals love the Garnier Fructis Style range of products for our curly hair. Not only do they leave us smelling as though a fruit bomb has exploded in our hair, but they are also pioneering experts in keeping our hair perfectly styled, clean and healthy.

The Garnier Fructis Style Texture Tease Dry Touch Finishing Spray has become a trusted product among curly-haired people. Blended with naturally-inspired and derived ingredients, this dry-touch spray gives lifeless, flat hair an undeniable boost that holds all day.

Without leaving our hair stiff or sticky, this spray adds natural-looking volume to our hair and allows us to style it to our liking. With more than a hundred years of experience producing hair and beauty products, we can rest assured Garnier has our backs – err, hair.

Beauty By Earth’s Sea Salt & Texturizing Hair Spray

This is the hairspray all beach babes have been waiting for: Beauty By Earth’s Sea Salt & Texturizing Hair Spray allows us to bring the scent and style of the beach with us wherever we go.

Infused with organic aloe, green tea, algae and raspberry fruit, this lightweight spray adds a nice lift to our hair and brings out our natural texture without gritty, crunchy residue. This little spray bottle offers the styling-versatility we’ve been dreaming of!

This texturizing hair spray is ideal for loose waves and will add volume and texture even to thin, fragile curls. For thicker hair, application on wet hair is recommended for ideal results.